2nd comparison with worst Autoimmune profiles

This is a followup to the last post. If things do not go ‘as expected’, I want to know so I can try discovering the root issue. I will not filter to only good or ideal reports. This is a process of discovery for my readers and myself.  The following comments are from a reader:

“Hi Ken,

I’ve uploaded a couple of ubiome samples but I can’t seem to access the suggestions and comparisons for them. I’m particularly interested in the newer feature where you can see if your profiles fit certain autoimmune or diagnostic profiles.
Since I’m writing you, let me give you a quick update. After trying to incorporate the changes from the last post you did about my ubiome, what little improvements I was seeing from my protocol seemed to disappear and I continued to get worse. In the last two months I’ve gone back to your older protocol of rotating through probiotics and herbs and I’m back to where I was prior. I know you often preach that CFS is a constantly moving target, but I haven’t found any relief and actually got worse following the diet recommendations and specific supplements and probiotics suggested. 
I’m curious what feedback you’ve had, if any, of readers going into remission following the suggestions on the new website? I’m thinking about going back on antibiotics to get relief though they are tough of my system, causing herx, etc.”

Standard Analysis

Sample Id   Older    Newer
* All Profiles 124 162
* All Profiles HIGH 23 42
* All Profiles LOW 101 120
* Metabolism Average 1.02087378640777
* Metabolism Std Dev 0.217666351962583
* Symptoms 83 0
ADHD 7 11
Allergies 4 6
Alzheimer’s disease 9 8
Autism 8 11
Autoimmune Disease 4 5
Brain Trauma 6 7
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 11 14
Crohn’s Disease 5 10
Depression 12 16
Fibromyalgia 1 1
Gout 4 8
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis 2 4
High Blood Pressure 3 4
Histamine Issues 1 2
Histamine Issues From Ubiome 4 5
Inflammatory Bowel Disease 4 7
Irritable Bowel Syndrome 6 4
Metabolic Syndrome 2 4
Mood Disorders 5 8
Rheumatoid arthritis 5 5
Schizophrenia 0 0
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 15 15
Type 2 Diabetes 4 6
Ulcerative colitis 2 1

As with the last post, the profiles An interesting comparison between 2 ubiome for the same person the profiles went up. A quick note to the reader to see if we have the same situation got this response:

” Yes and No. When incorporating the specific changes I stopped rotating herbs and probiotics from your past general recommendations (Prescript Assist, Symbioflor, Olive Leaf, Neem, etc). I did stay on the basics (B vitamins, etc)

The ubiomes are about a year apart. I’m not surprised to see things going the wrong way. I’ve definitely been getting worse overall. So I guess it’s a good thing that your site and the results are reflecting that, at least in terms of your overall theory and the value of the website

So unlike the last reader who following my suggested practise:

  • Got a uBiome results
  • Looked at the suggestions and made a selection
  • Kept on them for 3 months
  • Redid the uBiome to find the next set of changes

This reader started with an out of date ubiome, The microbiome is constantly changing…

Bottom Line

There are words of caution from this post:

  • Make sure that your ubiome results are current.
  • Do not take the suggestions as a REPLACEMENT, they are a list of suggestions which:
    • Likely good to do most of the avoid
    • Likely good to do the easy/cheapest ones of the take

I ran two sets of recommendations thru — one focused only on high bacteria and one focused on low bacteria only. It is interesting to note that there is a lot of overlap between the two — despite having no bacteria in common with either group. This illustrate how bacteria tend to have a Ying-Yang aspect.

High Low
low drew1

This list of items is similar to the last post with a few minor changes.

This is an education post to facilitate discussing this approach with your medical professionals. It is not medical advice for the treatment of any medical condition. Always consult with your medical professional before doing any  changes of diet, supplements or activity. Some items cites may interfere with prescription medicines.