Heavy prebiotic and probiotic approach

A reader on her 2nd ubiome result had significant improvement but is also on a very restrictive diet due to severe histamine sensitivities. She asked for me to extract a probiotic centric set of suggestions. The site for upload of ubiome data and analysis is: http://microbiomeprescription.com/

Sample Id   Earlier Later
* All Profiles 198 171
* All Profiles HIGH 34 38
* All Profiles LOW 164 133
* Metabolism Average 1.02669902912621 1.00242718446602
* Metabolism Std Dev 0.465175253395532 0.226425618741316

The recommendations despite the high 171 score for all autoimmune profiles was very small.


The solution was pretty simple

I have added another choices to filter by prebiotics and probiotics only.L2

The process becomes one of accepting less confidence. Remember — Confidence value reflects the number of studies finding a relationship, NOT how well it does it.

Our first step is

  • Going for High and Low
  • Some Evidence (at least one study)
  • Just Prebiotics and Probiotics


Restricting to autoimmune takes a few items off the list, but not many.

Trying just high counts and just low counts — we see most of the recommendations come from low counts. High counts are just a few items as shown below.


Turning off aggregation, the list became longer and more detail — for example, citing specific strains.


Bottom Line

If there are severe food restrictions, then the latest revision of Suggestions allows you to focus on prebiotics and probiotics exclusively.

In the case of this reader, the reader went to CustomProbiotics (covered in this post) and ordered:

  • L. Acidophilus Powder
  • B. Longum Powder
  • L. Reuteri Probiotic Powder
  • L. Rhamnosus Powder

This reader had done this before and found that a single bottle of each lasted about 3 months and then does a new ubiome. Only L. Rhamnosus Powder is in common with the prior order.

Confession: I found a bug in suggestions.

  • High or Low – both returned High Recommendation
  • High and Low – returned Low Recommendations

This has been fixed.

This is an education post to facilitate discussing this approach with your medical professionals. It is not medical advice for the treatment of any medical condition. Always consult with your medical professional before doing any  changes of diet, supplements or activity. Some items cites may interfere with prescription medicines.