Online Statistics on Symptoms, Metabolism and Bacteria

I have created a sharable collaborative workbook using data uploaded to . 

The data is ready for processing using Python/Panda, R or other packages. The datasets are available at

The shared workbook is at:

Quick walkthru

When you open the link, you will see:


Click the [###] to execute the code and put into a cloud based virtual machine the data.

The next section shows some basic number. Again click the [###] to execute it.


The next section lists all of the columns in the dataset. There are many!


The next section shows how to test or put some science behind what you think may be associated. I do not intend to try teaching statistics to the brain fogged, just make the data easy to access for significant others and researchers.


Bottom Line

The data is now available to explore online using virtual machines and shared work books.

The data files will be updated once a week.