Mutaflor Probiotic Feedback

I have written about E.Coli Nissle 1917 (“Mutaflor”) several times before, this week got two comments that I thought that I should share.

I should also note that Bifidobacterium longum infantis “failed to inhibit E. coli”. so may be taken with it. [2020], this may also be true for other Bifidobacterium.

Comment #1

“As you know I’ve been following your site and suggestions for several years now. I’ve seen some improvement lately with one major side effect and I’m hoping you have some thoughts.
I was recently able to find Mutaflor again. I’ve been able to get it occasionally over the last three years. The improvement each time I’ve dosed at full strength is profound and reliable. My pain almost disappears. When I’m in a flare of muscle pain and weakness, two Mutaflor is more effective than Advil. It also helps greatly with fatigue overtime as I continue to take more. One caveat is that it also results reliably in loose stools at best and pretty awful diarrhea at worst. This has happened every time in the past and is repeating again currently. Any suggestions on how to counteract this. Maybe taking some other probiotic alongside it?  

I can get Symbioflor (US Source, World Wide Source) more reliably, and while it does help, it’s not near what Mutaflor is. Also, it will cause loose and frequent stools at a high enough dose to effect positive change on pain, fatigue, etc.

Prior to my disabling CFS, I had IBS-D. But diarrhea is largely not a problem for me now and usually a rare symptom. And my IBS and once diagnosed Crohn’s have been reversed for nearly 10 years. However, all of my CFS like symptoms have continued to worsen over the last decade. “
– Email

Comment #2

“I have been in a mild UC flare for several weeks and just began taking Mutaflor along with my other excellent pribiotic, L-GG, and S. boulardii. (I dropped VSL#3, which I took for 6 months and never stopped causing gas. Maybe because I avoid dairy.) I noticed flu symptoms within a few hours of first taking 2 caps of Mutaflor. Symptoms worsened as I took 2 caps two more times the next day, then lightened up when I cut back drastically. Definitely detox, not the flu.

I’ve read a research abstract from 2013- 2014 that taking Mutaflor with two other strains of probiotics plus S. boulardii was very effective in getting UC into remission and keeping it there! My general probiotic by 1MD has both in it, I believe, but I’m using it up, regardless, with the Mutaflor and that probiotic yeast, which also helps with leaky gut. I need to seal my leaky gut before my colon can heal.

My UC became severe pancolitis 10 months ago, but I will not do any more steroids or drugs. My liver was being harmed, and this treatment should actually work better. After just 2 days, I see no blood or mucus and stools are normal again! (Just still too often and too urgent.)

The ECN 1917 kills a large quantity of bad bacteria that hinder colonizing by probiotic strains, even those with excellent adherence capability. ECN makes other probiotics many times more effective! Until I can get a full copy of the research mentioned above, however, I won’t know exactly how much to take of any of those studied together.

For now, I’m doing just two caps Mutaflor with one cap each of the other three. My detox or herx reaction should be easy enough to handle at that level.

Mutiflor was very easy to get thru Feel Good Natural in Canada. With shipping and a discount for buying 2 boxes, my net cost was only $10 US more than would cost if bought for me OTC in Canada. Shipping with ice packs was under $13 to VA.”

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