Suggestions based on Symptoms Alone

The strong associations found with the End Products resulted in a reader asking “Can’t you create a page of recommendations based on symptoms alone?”

This took me back a little – what!!!  Then I realized that it was possible.  The process is simple:

  • From the symptoms, determine the End Products with a rough t-score of 3 or more
  • Get all of the bacterias associated with those End Products
  • Assume that the t-score is a proxy on how short or high that these bacteria are
  • Send this collection of bacteria and shifts off to the recommendation engine…

Voila you have suggestions!  What they are worth is another question — the End Product is still a beta concept, this page would be pre-beta, i.e. an alpha concept.

With the above disclaimers, let us go to show how you can play around with it.

Pick your symptoms

I would suggest working from most frustrating to least frustrating. Add them one at a time.

Go to 

I picked


A new page opened


I add another symptom


and Repeat


Bottom Line

This was an interesting challenge — it has logic and science behind. It does not have any clinical experience yet.  I suspect that I will keep adding data… and more important, users will keeping adding ubiome WITH SYMPTOMS.

The above depends on those ubiomes with symptoms. 


This is an education post to facilitate discussing this approach with your medical professionals. It is not medical advice for the treatment of any medical condition. Always consult with your medical professional before doing any  changes of diet, supplements or activity. Some items cites may interfere with prescription medicines.