Methylation and probiotics

A reader asked “Can you please let me know whether probiotics can help reverse hypomethylation due to epigenetic changes?”

In plain english please!

Epigenetic means some environmental event turns off (or on) sections of your DNA (or bacteria is your guts) that produces methylation products. The most commonly known is likely Methylcobalamin (methylated B12). Very recent studies suggests that methylation has been reduced in CFS patients. What is an environmental event? could be a virus, an infection, a change of diet, change of hormones, etc.


Summary: Some (NOT ALL) CFS patients have differences in methylation.

Agents to cause epigenetic changes

Summary: If a person’s CFS onset is associated with EBV or Influenza, then they are more likely to be in one of the subsets found above.


The reader asked explicitly about probiotics. That’s a tough ask.

E.Coli Probiotics

This older article suggests that E.Coli probiotics (Mutaflor, Symbioflor-2 : (US Source, World Wide Source) ) suggests that getting “fresh” E.Coli may improve hypomethylation.

Going over to data punk….. we get the bad news… looking at end products only E.Coli produces this as an end product.

Bottom Line

IMHO, the whole methylation vector is an over the horizon ship that may not deliver actionable treatment for CFS for at least two decades (if ever).