Hypersomnia, Insomnia and the microbiome

CFS and other patients can flip between insomnia and hypersomnia within 24 hrs without any apparent cause. My hypothesis is a shift in the bacteria associated with each. My model is that specific symptoms are associated with specific clusters of bacteria. This means that we end up with hundreds of subset of CFS patients ūüė¶ making a standard treatment for CFS becoming a naive hope for many researchers, MD’s and patients.

I have experienced hypersomnia in past relapse, with sleeping 14-16 hrs at a time and waking up very  unrefreshed. My normal healthy sleep pattern is about 6-7 hours.

For CFS, the most probable cause is¬†A¬†brain injury¬†(due to infection) or a neurological disease….¬† The rapid flipping between insomnia and hypersomnia is better explained by a microbiome shift (Osler’s Principle)


NS Рnormal Sleep Pattern,  S РAltered Sleep Pattern, FS РHigh Fat




Bottom Line

We do not know for sure which bacteria may be associated from the above charts. Looking at contributed samples with symptoms.

Looking at sleep insomnia  http://microbiomeprescription.com/Data/SymptomExplorer?site=gut&filter=79

And at prolonged sleep,