Killing Lactobacillus to improve Brain Fog

Long time readers know that I have down on most lactobacillus probiotics for a long time (there are a few exceptions). There was a recent study finding that lactobacillus probiotic use is associated with brain fog.

Probiotic use is a link between brain fogginess, severe bloating

So how do you reduce lactobacillus. I went over to DataPunk and see some easy items to add

Going over to Microbiome Prescription for Lactobacillus, we find also:

A few things to reduce or exclude from your diet are:

A more detail analysis is here: A non-antibiotic proposal …

Bottom Line

Brain fog can often been the greatest challenge to improvement. Bad decisions are made,  decisions are confused.

The above excludes other factors that may be part of your health profile.