Compensating for Prescription Drugs

A reader asked how to compensate for some prescription drugs that he takes for other conditions. In an earlier post, I had added the ability to see the Compare Impact on the microbiome of drugs, supplements, etc. for example

The result can be a long list of bacteria taxonomy impacted Changing this information into an actionable plan is a challenge — until now.

You will notice a new button Get Suggestions for reversing impact on Microbiome.

Clicking this button takes you to the classic suggestion page 

That’s it!

Bottom Line

Trying to correct a microbiome while taking various needed prescription drugs is a complex situation. I hope the above tool will assist you,

Quality Assurance:

For each of the above pages, I have them open in new windows so readers that are interested, can verify the logic being used.

Looking next at the suggestions:

Clicking on one of the items, Fish Oil, we see that it increases http://localhost:42446/Library/Modifier?mid2=142

Verification can be complex between of multiple impacts of modifiers against multiple items. If you set the filters as shown below:

Then just clicking thru items until you find the above (or another taxonomy). For example, http://localhost:42446/Library/Modifier?mid2=1768