Blood Type: Microbiome and Diet

One of my favorite sources for information on the microbiome is run by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. For many years he has advocated eating for your blood type. In this week’s issue of New Scientist. an article “Your gut bacteria may match your blood group – but we don’t know why

The difference between many blood types are sugars. [PDF]

These sugars are called antigens and help tell your immune system that your blood cells belong to you and shouldn’t be attacked. If an A person were to accidentally receive a transfusion of B blood, antibodies made by their immune system would react with the B sugar and flag these cells for destruction. ..
The team found that blood type wasn’t linked to any differences in the kinds of bacteria a person had. However, they noticed that bacteria seemed to be recognised by antibodies from different blood types, in a similar way to when antibodies detect incompatible blood cells.
This suggests that gut bacteria make sugars that match their host’s blood type. “We were very surprised to see this,” says Yin.

While some bacteria are already known to carry molecules that are similar to B antigens, this is the first indirect evidence that bacteria can have sugars that behave like A antigens too.

Gut microbiota have blood types as human
A blood antigen (GMA) and B blood antigen (GMB)

You can help build Blood Type Profiles of Microbiomes

Microbiome site is updated with the ability to record blood type with your microbiome.

  • Login to see your uploaded sample.
  • Click on Analysis for your microbiome sample.
  • Click the item highlighted below

You will now see the ability to associate your blood type to your sample.

Remember to do this for each of your samples.

Bottom Line

Consider reading Peter’s eating for your blood type. Food impacts bacteria. I will be looking at the effort of filtering some suggestions by blood type in the next few weeks.