A review of P3-OM

A reader asked me to review this heavily marketed on some channels.

In terms of marketing, their home page is thick like thieves with hype.

Just one single probiotic species in it. I must admit, I chuckled when I saw the distributor “Rush Order

So it is a proprietary “super strain”: Lactobacillus Plantarum OM. Checking the patent application, we see it is “L. plantarum, OM ATCC 55981”  and a patent was originally file in June, 1997, almost 20 years ago and the patent is expired. So, immediate RED FLAG, “patented proteolytic probiotic, P3-OM™. ” – it is no longer patented, a false claim.

Checking PubMed, there are ZERO hits for plantarum 55981; so no peer-reviewed studies.

Origin: Remember human source is your only hope of it taking up residence. The patent application states “L. plantarum, OM may be isolated from a fermented meat. “

Price Analysis

One bottle is $79.95 and contains 120 capsules with 2.5 billion CFU. or a total of 300 BCFU in a bottle or $0.27 per BCFU. Going to Custom Probiotics which also offers a one strain only version of Lactobacillus Plantarum we can get 100g at 400BCFU/gram for $190. That computes to $0.00475 per BCFU … or FIFTY-SEVEN (57x) better price. The custom probiotics strain is Lp-115 or SD-5209. And I found four pubmed citations for this!

Bottom Line

The firm “Rush Order” seems to be trying to get you to rush your money to them for an undocumented, out of patent strain originated from fermented meat at an unrealistic price. I would give it a wide pass.

To be clear, there is nothing known wrong with this product. If you are interested, I have this excellent product that I am selling for just $500 for 8 oz. It’s the very rare and extremely well documented for healthy living,
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Feel free to ping me to do other reviews.