Quick note on taking probiotics

In re-reviewing pubmed articles, I came across this “The impact of meals on a probiotic during transit through a model of the human upper gastrointestinal tract.“[2011]

Enumeration during and after transit of the stomach and duodenal models showed that survival of all the bacteria in the product was best when given with a meal or 30 minutes before a meal (cooked oatmeal with milk). Probiotics given 30 minutes after the meal did not survive in high numbers. Survival in milk with 1% milk fat and oatmeal-milk gruel were significantly better than apple juice or spring water. S. boulardii was not affected by time of meal or the buffering capacity of the meal. The protein content of the meal was probably not as important for the survival of the bacteria as the fat content.

Bottom Line

Take probiotics before the meal, ideally with a little milk fat or oatmeal product.