Bioelectric effects – it’s real

Many people have a belief that their health issues were caused by Cell Phone towers, Microwaves, Wifi, overhead power lines, household current, etc. Producing evidence of this is hard because the percentage that are likely influence is very small and disappear into insignificance with most studies.

Approaching this issue orthogonally produces some interesting studies from pub med.

Biofilm bacteria are resistant to antimicrobics at levels 500 to 5,000 times higher than those needed to kill non-biofilm bacteria. In vitro experiments have shown that electric current can enhance the activity of some antimicrobial agents against certain bacteria in biofilms; this has been termed the ”bioelectric effect”.

Bioelectric effect and bacterial biofilms. A systematic review. [2008]

It is well documented that physiological electric fields provide the earliest signals necessary to initiate cell proliferation, migration, and ultimately reepithelialization of wounds. Additionally, electricity is known to exert an antimicrobial effect. An electric field-generating wound dressing designed to mimic physiological electric fields has not been described in the small animal clinic. This article retrospectively reviews the use of a microcell battery-impregnated bioelectric dressing (BED) in 5 small animal patients with complex wounds. 

Bioelectric Dressing Supports Complex Wound Healing in Small Animal Patients. [2018]

Presented herein is a novel bacterial biofilm combination treatment independent of traditional antibiotics, by using low electric fields in combination with small molecule inhibitors of bacterial quorum sensing – autoinducer-2 analogs…
End-point confocal microscopy measurements of biofilms treated with the autoinducer analog and electric fields in the microfluidic device show a 78 % decrease in average biofilm thickness in comparison to the negative controls and demonstrate good correlation with real-time optical density measurements. Additionally, the combination treatment showed 76 % better treatment efficacy compared to conventional antibiotic therapy.   

Autoinducer-2 analogs and electric fields – an antibiotic-free bacterial biofilm combination treatment. [2016]

The electric current significantly changed the colony-forming units (CFU) values (P<0.001). According to pair-wise comparisons, the highest CFU difference was observed between the AC group and the group without electric current (P<0.001); furthermore, the difference between the DC group and the group without electric current was not significant (P=0.823).

Effect of electric currents on antibacterial effect of chlorhexidine against Entrococcus faecalisbiofilm: An in vitro study. [2018]

Biofilm growth was monitored via impedance change at 100 Hz AC with a 50 mV signal amplitude. RESULTS: A 30% impedance decrease over 24 hours corresponded to Escherichia coli biofilm formation. The platform also enabled removal of the biofilm through the bioelectric effect; a low concentration of antibiotic combined with the applied AC voltage signal led to a synergistic reduction in biofilm resulting in a 12% increase in impedance.

Flexible Platform for In Situ Impedimetric Detection and Bioelectric Effect Treatment of Escherichia coli Biofilms. [2018]

All the three treatment modalities showed antibacterial effect. Application of current alone resulted in reduced bacterial growth than control group. Doxycycline alone resulted in reduction in bacterial counts better than control and current alone groups. The combination treatment showed greatest inhibition of bacterial colonies.

Application of bioelectric effect to reduce the antibiotic resistance of subgingival plaque biofilm: An in vitro study. [2018]

Bottom Line

We see recent studies have found that alternating current impacts bacteria and biofilms. In the above studies, the researchers looked at the antibiotic effect. The catch is, this means changing bacteria and cannot be restricted to bad bacteria ; good bacteria will also be impacted.

Believing that electromagnetic fields triggered a condition has some credibility. The World Health Organization has ongoing work on EMF.

Best solution (seriously): Use only DC power and live in a faraday cage. It is actually possible to do this, when we built our current house, we specified that an aluminum house wrap was to be used. No Wifi (cable only – today we would have specified fiber optic drops in all rooms).