Coagulation Issues – Testing and Literature

A reader asked me to assemble a list of known DNA mutations. In my post on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity we see that the MTHFR gene is associated with abnormal blood clotting ( US National Library of Medicine). Coagulation issues are strongly associated with brain fog.

Since this type of question often leads to “where can I get appropriate testing done?” Coagulation issues are outside of “my wheel house” except for being aware of them and knowing about the specific mutation that I have.

Thrombophilia Mutation Panel seems to be the most detailed all-in-one test:

For general background read:

A Lab that appears to offer a reasonable set of tests

A reader asked me about this lab, and reviewing what they are doing, it’s a reasonable panel. I would suggest doing BOTH tests

There are likely other labs that offer similar.

Allergy of what may be occurring

Your body is like a family. Job and expenses are balanced, in fact, the family may be able to do some savings. A sickness comes along and the body/family deals with loss of income for a few weeks and higher medical expenses. The savings are gone and the family borrows. The family gets over the sickness and get back to work. Unfortunately, the family debt keeps growing and growing. Similarly, the body’s coagulation system is working as it was before. The sickness triggers coagulation (expenses) and the available income is not enough to clear it. The sickness is gone, but the side effect persists. Some families may be able to get rid of the debt over time (spontaneous remission), others gets deeper into debt, going down hill.