Seeking Medical Professions willing to help with Microbiome results

In the past I have always kept myself under medical supervision. I have both a naturopath and a nurse practitioner. Both have prescribing authority in my jurisdiction — so if I can make a case for antibiotics, I can get them from at least one of them (I have not needed that for a few years).

The process is pretty simple with both of them:

  • Show them the science, that is:
    • Ubiome Results
    • PubMed articles if needed
  • Show them my action plan (I do NOT ask them to produce plan usually, and when there was a Lyme diagnosis for me, we negotiated which antibiotics).
  • Ask them to review the plan. In some cases, they want to run tests. Two examples:
    • 15,000 IU/day of Vitamin D — they wanted to make sure that I did not go out-of-bounds on the high level. 15,000 IU/day with malabsorption frequently results in modest raising of levels.
    • 2 gms of flushing niacin/day – they wanted to check liver function. (Pub Med)

For me, the key thing is to find professionals that accept that they do not know everything, do not have an ego problem and willing for patients to self-treat based on actual medical literature (as opposed to random information acquired from some user group), but under supervision to keep them out of trouble!

I have had medical professionals contact me for insights and to understand what I am trying to do with my site. I am very willing to spend time with professionals in this area to further their education.

Bottom Line

Over the last week, I have gotten two asks for who to contact about microbiome results. Many of my readers are ‘bio-hackers’ and are often self-guided (for better or worst).

If you are a medical professional willing to do telephone or email consultation with patients using their microbiome results — please drop me an email, or add a comment below.

I cannot guarantee the quality of these people — but medical professionals willing to try this area are very few.