End Product Page Updated

I have updated the page to stop using averages (which can be very misleading for bacteria populations) and move to the box-plot approach to identify outliers (atypical values). End product is experimental because we do not have a good reference source for what each bacteria produces. We know some of them, but not all. Also, different strains produce different amounts adds to the uncertainty.

After you log on, you will see a new button by each sample:

Click Abnormal End Products

The initial report show only the odd numbers. In the case very below, we have 3 end products that are high.

Clicking on All Values, will show some 100 end products.

For example, I want to see how histamines and hydrogen sulphide changed over time with the ME flare.

Oldest sample (in remission)
A year later (in remission)
On ME Flare start, I had IBS/SIBO symptoms
Several weeks in, IBS/SIBO fading
All IBS and SIBO symptoms disappeared.

Bottom Line

This is experimental. For myself, the end product levels computed for hydrogen sulfide appear to match my symptoms.

The last column is the number of samples that had a value for the end product. The user may have this end product but it is being produced by a bacteria that is not in our database as a producer…. hence experimental.