Probiotic Mixture Support Coming

At present suggestions on work by naming specific strains. This can often be a challenge to obtain for many readers. On the flip side, people will have a mixture and ask if they should take it.

The solution is to support mixtures:

  • By allowing registered users to add probiotic mixtures
  • By having the suggestions review the mixtures and identify
    • good ones (some on the to take list, none on the to avoid list),
    • neutral ones (none on the to take or to avoid list) and
    • possibly risky ones (1 or more on the avoid list).

This post describes the first step.

There are several new pages added today. First is a listing of probiotic mixtures

Clicking it will shown the probiotics mixture that are in the database:

These lists are user maintained. User can add missing ones that they are interested in being evaluated

Adding A Probiotic Mixture

Once you login, you will see an additional menu item:

Clicking this will take you to a screen to select (in case of errors) an existing one, or add a new one.

Below, I am adding a new one, just fill in the input box and click [Add]

Remember to add manufacturer name to avoid confusion when names are very similar!

The next screen lists probiotics by their genus and then species. A few special strains ones are explicitly added.

Just check the ones that are in the mixture and click Update.

You can confirm the correct entry by returning to the prior page.

Next – Adding them as an option in suggestions

I hope to have that done by next weekend.