Fibromyalgia Microbiome Updated

Today I got a string of email about the latest study from Montreal. The actual article is here.

The long and short is shown below.

I have updated the database with this information and also revised a few pages. If you are interested in seeing how you matches, here are the steps:

Logon and go to your samples page. Click Condition Templates

On the next page, click Fibromyalgia:

The next page will list ALL of the bacteria associated, your values and reference values.

If you have none reported, a Zero is shown.

One of the problems with most studies is they report on the average of a sample — not every person matches. Also the definition of “high” or “low” can be subjective and also dependent on the population being used.

What Can you do about it?

If you look at the Custom Suggestions page, there is a special drop down box. If you set it to Fibromyalgia then the suggestions will be done only for this subset of bacteria,