Sniffing out more helpful items using flavonoids…

A few readers have severe diet restrictions (mast cells, etc), which contributed to my adding flavonoids and polyphenols data. Once added, I have been connecting them up (a slow manual process).

New Sections on Suggestions Page

At the top, there may be up to 3 onpage jumps such as shown below.

We have already cover probiotics in a prior post, so let us look at the two new one:

Flavonoid Foods

This is a match up with all of the positive modifiers (2x more good risk than harm risk) that are also in our flavonoid database.

Note that all of them are hyperlinked. Clicking on one, for example bananas — takes us to the details for banana.

We see that ONE of the items is very high. This may be what is causing the benefits from banana. Click it to see other foods with this flavonoid.

This list is full of familiar suggestions and a few new ones!

So, if you can’t eat bananas — this is a list of possible alternatives that may help. Some, like Carob, we have no studies on… but this suggests it may be logical to try it.

Flavonoids Suggested

These have been studied and are on your list above. A common problem is getting them. You can buy them as supplements (with huge markups) or you can get them from fresh food — but which foods?

Just click on one of them, say Quercetin,

Items like Capers have not been studied for it’s impact on the microbiome. Again, it is a logical suggestion.

Bottom Line

The early users of these new features have been delighted. It has open up new choices that are logical and reasonable. Whether they work — that is to be determined.