Seed Probiotics – No Persistence

I just got my 2nd microbiome done at the end of two months of the new Seed Probiotic. Conclusion: No persistence despite being human strains.

See my prior posts on Seed:

The conclusion is clear using the recent enhancements to the site, “My Taxon Time Line” available to those who have uploaded two or more (you need two samples to get a time line!). Below are before and at the end of each of the two months with Seed.

By Lactobacillus Species

Bottom Line

If this probiotic shows up on your recommended list — then take it. It’s effect should be to shift the balance — but do not expect persistence. If you wish to increase Lactobacillus, you should be taking bacillus probiotics, see this earlier post by someone with high lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.