Quick Notes on Pending Changes

I am reworking Quantiles in two different ways:

  • Computing the 4-,8-16- Quantiles
  • Computing these by Measurement Site
Example of Data

The reasons are simple:

  • Site like mouth was been implicated in certain conditions (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
  • Data Size is sufficient that using the large quantiles should produce more meaningful results.
    • 8 – quantile High Outliers are likely <3%ile chance (most medical tests use 5%ile for high threshold
    • 16 – quantile takes it higher but with some caution being needed

For symptom analysis to microbiome, there is some extra magic needed (i.e. I must test with, 4-, 8- and 16- with too few samples forcing the lower quantiles.

That’s it. Been grinding away this weekend and about to do a 2nd revision of the code refactor.

Stay tune