Symptom Bacteria Explorer Plus

This was released on Sept 8th, 2019. The old Symptom Bacteria Explorer is still up. It weaknesses are:

  • Does not show where your values are on the table
  • Uses 4-buckets analysis only
  • Does not allow you to exclude symptoms during the exploration.

These two pages have been updated to use the new Plus version also:

Walk thru of the new feature.
Example of discovered relationships

Updated Version

This is available from the Select Samples Screen as a new Button.

Accessing Symptom Bacteria Explore Plus
Ability to select which sample you wish to add to the display
You can select which symptoms to include or excluded
Your values are shown on the table, if it matches the pattern, the background color is changed.
You can increase the sensitivity by going to more buckets.
You need to use common sense. I am not a precise match above, I am one above the precise match. Since we are dealing with very high values, being at the top level implies that it is an effective match.

Bottom Line

This is not prescriptive, i.e. directly suggesting actions. It is informative as to the cause. If you have not entered symptoms yet, consider doing so.

If you click on the bacteria button, you will be taken to the bacteria summary pages which may suggest changes desired. As always, changes of diet, supplements etc should always be reviewed with a knowledgeable medical professional before implementing.

Clostridiales Family XIII. Incertae Sedis (family)