uBiome Aftermath

With the announcement that uBiome is asking to change from a Chapter 11 (Reorganization) to Chapter 7 (Shut the doors!) – the question is what comes next?

During the company’s Chapter 11 filing, the company had indicated that it would be looking into a sale. However, according to the motion it filed in court today, the company wasn’t able to secure lending that would enable it to continue operations. As a consequence, it has requested the court allow it to cease operations and liquidate its assets in order to pay off its creditors. The bankruptcy court still needs to approve the motion. If it is accepted and the company moves to Chapter 7, the liquidation of uBiome’s assets will happen under the supervision of a court-appointed trustee.


At this point it becomes interesting — superior technology than what ubiome (also thryve, and American/British Gut) is available. There are two on interest because they are using superior technology

  • SunGenomics.com – they do not have downloads available yet
  • XenoGene – they do have viable downloads available (just uploaded some tonight by data scraping their PDF files) and my contact with them indicates they are going to be making an upload friendly version available soon

What is the difference between technologies…. well with the older technologies we are talking 400-600 taxonomies. The last XenoGene that I uploaded had over 6000 taxonomies – a factor of 10 more! This was 182 pages of data with one taxonomy per line. This does come at a cost 10x more — but I expect the price to come down rapidly. There is a market out there… the fact that it appears that 1.4+ million samples have been processed by uBiome means that opportunity is there, a $140 million dollars of potential sales!

To me, Xenogene has set a new gold standards for retail microbiome reports.

The company that grabs this opportunity, the vacuum left by uBiome may be in China, Russia, Israel, India, Denmark, Australia or Spain. Setting the right price point, picking the right equipment and designing a good friendly user site is the key.

See known alternative providers on this page.

Nature abhors a vacuum! and capitalism abhors missing an opportunity to make money!