ME/CFS Relapse Report #8

My recovery continues — I am doing up to 12,000 steps/day. Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium has returned to my microbiome. I no longer matching the criteria for a ME/CFS diagnosis and the remaining symptoms are minor and only occasionally appear.

If you are interested in taking this approach, suitable testing labs are listed here.

My last uBiome report was being processed when the uBiome site disappeared. I have since done a Thryve Alive report. I must honestly state that it is superior because it reported on more bacteria, as shown below.

Ken Microbiome Results

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For consistency, I will start by following the pattern in my prior #7 post.


The changing of labs makes this difficult. Thryve reports more taxa which will cause an apparent jump to Diversity. This is very visible in the table below. There are two possible solutions: using FASTQ from all sources, uploading my uBiome FASTQ files to Thryve for processing with their analysis engine. Both of these will take some time to do.

End Products and Taxonomy

I have not had time to update the charts to the fine grain percentile that I am showing for individual samples (on my to do list)

Lactobacillus is BACK!

My levels are normal ( 57%ile)

Bifidbacterium is back

I have some, low compare to other (22%ile), but it is there

More interesting bacteria shifts

Remember the relapse started at the end of March, 2019.

This bacteria is strongly associated to ME/CFS, IBS, Sjögren syndrome in published medical studies.
This bacteria seems strongly associated and appears to keep trying to come back.
I suspect this family are friendly to the above
As is this one.
One more of the ME/CFS Cartel
And more still

Bottom Line

This is a first part of my #8 report. The change to Thryve as a microbiome provider means that I do not have a variety of charts that uBiome provided and in some cases, I have start revising some pages to better show what is happening in terms of bacteria (most of the above charts are from a page that I revised today).

What do I owe my recovery to? “Eating my own dog food”. Before the relapse, I advocated the microbiome model and was already building the AI engine to make suggestions to correct the microbiome. It was a matter of getting regular microbiome samples (Thryve is my preferred provider today) and then adjusting supplements and diet from the suggestions made by the AI.

The probiotics that the AI currently advises — I am doing Symbioflor-2 (alternative to Mutaflor) and about to reorder from Custom Probiotics.
The ones that are definite avoids according to the AI
Hmmm.. Apple Pie looks like ‘medicine’ now

My remaining symptoms are occasionally exhaustion after a eight hour day of activities (with no apparent payback on the next day), this may include my tell-tale hiccups of becoming overtired. While I can multitask when required, I do active push back when asked to — it’s simply another stressor which it is best that I minimize.

On the other side, I would not dream of returning to my work situation of January 2019 with 90 minutes commute each way, dysfunctional work team, and occasional 12 hr days on site, etc. I am NOT that much recovered, and honestly, do not expect to be able (or want to) to do that again safely.

I am planning to send off another Thryve sample next week, to continue this story and monitoring.