Hand picking bacteria to modify

Many bacteria have no known effect. The default approach is to focus on high and low bacteria with a goal to move them towards the commonly seen values using all of the bacteria.

There are various filters available (i.e. use only bacteria associated with some medical conditions), but some people wish to really focus on certain bacteria only. A recent enhancement provides that ability

Where you can pick bacteria

There are three spots that you can pick bacteria on http://microbiomeprescription.com/ . You can select some from each spot; the ones selected will be aggregated.

Start by going to My Biome View
Put a check besides the ones of concern and click the top button
These hand picked buttons will now appear
Click on View Hand Picked Taxa to see what you have selected and the values
Looking at Symptoms, Click and then pick one of your symptoms
On Bacteria Explorer Plus, the checkboxes are on the left side. Select and click
We have both selections merged
Using data from published medical studies click above
And for published studies, the same pattern
We have a composite selected in three different ways.


A lot of the bacteria filtering options are removed because they are not needed. You have already picked the bacteria.

  • If you have only a few bacteria (< 20) then Include Parent / Children is recommended

The Video Walkthru