Update on DNA/SNP and ME/CFS

I have done a few prior post on this, listed below. At a high level, this does not mean that ME/CFS is a DNA disease instead of a microbiome dysfunction, rather it paints a richer picture.

The microbiome and your DNA interact with each other. Your microbiome is actually much richer/more complex than your DNA. There is evidence that the microbiome and DNA cooperate with each other. So, ME/CFS is a “perfect storm” scenario. You need the right DNA mutations to coincide with the right microbiome dysfunction. To the best of my knowledge, no studies have been done combining the two ūüė¶ .

I focus on the microbiome because it is much more actionable then DNA. You can change the microbiome, i.e. pull your ship caught in the perfect storm into a sheltered harbor…. The ship may still have its defect (DNA) issues, but without the storm beating on it, it won’t sink.

Past Posts

Extracts from Recent Studies

Someone care to extract a summary?

In the past, I have walked thru each article and produced a checklist of SNPs cited with the matching 23andMe item (if they reports it) and even recall creating a template on a 3rd party analysis site. I do not have the time for this at present.

If a reader care to do this and write up a guest post, I would love it!

In time, I would love to add these SNPs to the microbiome site to try to detect which dna-bacteria-symptoms combinations are significant. It will be another step into being uber-specific on why you have certain symptoms and thus have specific treatment based on your DNA, microbiome and symptoms.

I have added maternal haplotypes to the symptoms list now — if you know yours, please associate it with your sample. The types entered are the common one from this page.