For the Brain Fogged: Suggestions

A reader from Europe has ME/CFS with severe brain fog. One of the challenges with Microbiome manipulations is that there are many, many approaches that may be taken. We do not have clear evidence on which has better results. Rather than prescribing a magic bullet path, I have made most of these paths available on Microbiome Prescription.

For the brain fog, this presents a dilemma. I have Dr. Jason Hawrelak’s recommendations for quick, ultra-generalized suggestions. In corresponding with this reader, I realized that the loss of executive decision making and brain fog — very common with ME/CFS (and I have experienced it) — left the person as the typical “deer in headlights’ seen with ME/CFS.

This week, I came up with a elegant solution. Using the microbiome sample and the symptoms that have been entered, I crafted some AI to generate suggestions based on the strong statistical relationships we have discovered via citizen science. Preliminary results are looking good.

To use this, you must enter your symptoms when the sample was taken. It uses both the sample and the declared symptoms.

This feature is under Symptoms / Causing Bacteria

If you do not have any symptoms entered (or the symptoms lacks strong associations with the current data), you will see this display

Check the symptoms for the sample — do you have all of them?

Your results may look like this:

Ken’s result during a ME/CFS relapse. Negative means too few. Positive means too many

This reader’s list is much shorted, but with several things in common

You have two choices on getting suggestions…. Clicking the “use this profile for suggestions” OR build out a custom profile. If you are brain-fogged… do the first.

This takes you to the usual suggestion page where you can scope suggestions.

If you are brain-fog, leave as is, or uncheck some items

This then takes you to the suggestions page.

For this reader, all of his avoids had less weight than most of the items above… so it is mainly a take this result.

The values in this case are so low, that you can reasonably ignore them

And the list goes on with Apples, magnesium, selenium, oregano being on the positive list by inference.

Feed Back from the EU Reader

“Thank you very much for your help you can use in the future my data to write blog posts if you want no problem. You made me cry of joy in a dark hour.
Interesting return of result so the Jadin Model fits me:”

I used the Jadin antibiotics (following her rotation protocol) with great success in one of mine earlier relapses. He has a cooperative MD that is willing to prescribe them. Rifaximin became available after that protocol became available – it has been cited on several ME/CFS sites [1] [2]. Personally, I would keep to the Jadin protocol and only include if after a couple of cycles there has not been sufficient progress.

As a FYI: I am pleasantly delighted that the antibiotics predictions came out matching Jadin’s protocol and isolated a small number of high value antibiotics to consider.

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