Contradictory Suggestions…

A reader asked:

Why are the quick suggestions I get very opposite the ones from the advanced suggestions?  soy is a top add in one and a top avoid in the other for instance.  Many other similar situations. 

This is a good question. Quick Suggestions are based on the recommended ranges for a small group of bacteria from Dr. Jason Hawrelak, used with his permission. An example is below. This is not specific to any health issue.

For other suggestions, the bacteria picked determine the suggestions. Every bacteria has a different profile — so depending on which ones are selected, the suggestions will be different.

Some common ways of selecting the bactera:

  • Outliers – those too high or low compared to others. A crude method.
  • Bacteria which are high or low for a specific medical condition where your pattern matches
  • Bacteria which matches one or more symptoms where your pattern matches
  • Hand pick all of the bacteria using any criteria that you wish to apply.

We DO NOT KNOW what is the best way — it will likely be different for each person. We do not know which bacteria are “noise” and can be ignored in all cases.

If you look at the “Expert Consensus” page on your sample, you will see that there is disagreement. For some bacteria you will find some experts saying a specific level is too high and others for the same level saying it is too low.

I do not have a “safe suggestion” for anyone. I have built tools that allow various models of what is desired to be applied. I strongly recommend reading the following two posts to better understand the issues:

It means there are NO ABSOLUTE ANSWERS — they can never be…. it is like asking what is the height of a human (which varies by race and year of birth) and they asking what can I do to increase (or decrease) my height.

What you can get (especially if you are eating a ‘western diet’) is a feel of probable causes and things that will probably help. It has worked for me. It has worked for many readers who have tried it. Even in the face of “disagreement in technical details”, there can be strong patterns seen from the fuzzy data, see One Stool, Two Samples, One Lab — What the shit!.

You may wish to check my you-tube videos . I have plans to do a mini-course suite of them in the next few months.