I know what I want to increase….

I received the following email:

Dear Mr. Lassesen,
As I am highly deficient in the following bacteria:

– Akkermansia
– Lactobacillus
– Roseburia
– Bifidobacterium
– Eubacterium

and pretty deficient in these two:

– Faecalibacterium
– Blautia

, I wanted to ask you for the best probiotic brands?

Another question would be: Is it beneficial to take prebiotics as well? And if not, why not?
Many thanks in advance for your help!

My answer is very simple and below:

 the best solution is to use the AI.
Go to http://microbiomeprescription.com/labs/definition?key=T And for each item above  mark them as down, 50% (exact amount is not important)


Then Click [Analysis] at the bottom of the page. This will takes you to a page like this:


Change choices as desired. It will then give suggestions based on the estimated probability of them making a change (not the amount of change, the probability of change).

There is a section on probiotics by commercial name.


Above that are specific items like prebiotics by explicit type. Some prebiotics may be on the avoid list. What is suggested with this combination of bacteria is partially below

This is generated by artificial intelligence based on a large set of facts obtained from gold-standard sources (studies on PubMed, KEGG, etc).

Data StoreCount
Microbiome with Symptoms683
EndProducts-to-Bacteria Relationships8,223
Enzymes to Bacteria5,396,780
KEGG Module to Bacteria274,712
KEGG Modules419
Medical Condition to Bacteria Associations4,306
Modifier-to-Bacteria relationships1,045,918
Modifiers of bacteria1,963
Probiotic Mixtures224
From http://microbiomeprescription.com/library/summary