Gene based Probiotic Suggestions

Using the KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes, I have implemented suggestions based on the enzymes being produced according to your microbiome results on MicrobiomePrescription. If you are far below normal for production of one of the enzymes, then we lookup which probiotics also produces those enzymes from those known to be commercially available (our current master list is here – some may not be available in your country). The result is a probiotic mixture that should, theoretically, help to increase those enzymes and reduce symptoms.

To use this tool you need a uploadable report from one of the companies listed here. Note: uses CosmosId and thus may also be used.

Example on my last sample:

It was interesting that this list is similar to those produced by the AI engine for the same sample.

In some cases, there may be none. If there are no low level, there is nothing to increase. The probiotic suggestions are available enzyme by enzyme, or aggregated across the complete sample.

Where do you find this information? There may be up to three places, depending on how many samples you have.

At the bottom there is a button for the aggregate, and on the right, a link for individual enzymes.

Have fun! Be Safe!

A video walkthru