Microbiome Prescription customized for CFS/ME

Recently I have gotten several emails like that shown below.

 Hi Ken,I’m one of those CFS people who has such brain fog it’s very difficult  for me to use your microbiome prescription website even though you’ve done an excellent job with the  videos to get started. I’m dictating your email from my phone bc I’m too tired to type. 
Is it possible to have you look at my information that I’ve uploaded from Thrive and help me with which bacteria is important to replace.  I know I need Lactobacillus Casi.I don’t know how important it is to replace Faecalibacterum but my ave is 2.2% were The healthy ave is 12.89%. My Symptoms are severe fatigue, brain fog, tingling of extremities, moody.

From a reader on 26 Feb 2021

I have refactored a part of the site to address this (I have more UI changes pending from other feedback). In short, after you uploaded your sample, you will see a new choice in the first drop down:

When you click it, the suggestions page is less complex (all of the same information is there, just hidden on first load).

Very pleased with suggestions

I used this person’s sample for the video below. The suggestions matched those of some physicians that have had considerable success (and the suggestions are close to what I did too!)

The artificial intelligence on the site put these items in the top suggestions based solely on the microbiome. It is my belief that success or failure to treat depends on the microbiome (which is usually ignored!). There have been some recent studies finding that the microbiome was a key factor in the success or failure of some cancer treatments.