Monitoring watch for CFS and other Conditions

This is a follow up from a previous thread to show what type of information is available.

The $45 watch

The store is BangGood and the price varies. Today it’s $44, I had gotten it on sale for $32 earlier this year

This is not “medical certificed”, but the numbers are good for on going monitoring. This watch can be set to record every 10 minutes of the day. Usually I need to recharge every 4 days with these constant readings

Example from the day that I got cellulitis

My watch was removed in the E.R. when I arrived at hospital, so only a half day was recorded. The charts illustrate the progression.

“White Coat Hypertension”

At my last checkup, the nurse reported high blood pressure… the BP chart agreed at the time she took my B.P. BUT it also showed that my BP is not high most of the time…..