A quick revisit to Coagulation Testing for ME/CFS

A reader wrote and a blog post was the easiest

Hi Ken,
tomorrow I have an appointment with a cardiologist, and I want to check for thick blood/coagulation if possible. What blood values would I need to test? Fibrinogen, Prothrombin Fragment 1+2, Thrombin/ AntiThrombin Complexes, Soluble Fibrin Monomer, and Platelet Activation. Is that right?

This has been part of my model of ME/CFS for a long time. It is a co-factor to things like the microbiome. A summary of the old treatment advice from Hemex and transcripts of talks with Dave Berg is here.

  • Soluble Fibrin Monomer (SFM) – Normal Range 0-15mg/L
  • Fibrinogen – Normal Range 200-300
  • Prothrombin Fragment 1+2 test
  • Antithrombin III (AT),
  • Protein C,
  • Protein S,
  • APC Resistance
  • Factor II level or the Prothrombin Gene Mutation
  • Lp(a)
  • PAI-1
  • SED (Below 5 is a concern per Berg)

Example of the Family Reports from Hemex

This is from my ancient 2000’s CFS blog that is available here