A ME/CFS – Lyme Patient Recovering

A reader emailed me and asked some questions.

My good friend that also has CFS/Lyme said to me that he is about 80% better in all his symptoms after using Ivermectin that his Lyme doctor prescribed him. His was almost bedridden, had extreme brain fog with depersonalization, low motivation etc. He used Ivermectin 2x a week 3ml oral. After 2 months he is now adding Metronidazol with minocyclin and his state is extremely improving. 
I tried to find some info on your blog but I didn’t find anything. Do you maybe know what Ivermectin did?  I also saw that his skin/face is looking like a baby hahahah he looks 15 years younger. 

I have a site for non-prescription items and give the list of items here. This site also provides prescription items for professionals. I looked up on that list and found:

Mino is a member of the tetracycline family that is shown below

I checked on the other common member,doxycycline (antibiotic)s, and found that it did not have a good impact.

The other item: Ivermectin,(prescription)  did not have a good profile for ME/CFS – but it does impact a lot of different bacteria

Chronic Lyme Prediction

Again, the cyclines are there with zero bad impact.

With ivermectin,(prescription)  showing good and bad impact.

Bottom Line

This was done with a-priori model of the bacteria shifts, that is, we assume that this person matched the typical shift seen in many studies and ignore the amount of shift. We know that there is a great variation of microbiome from person to person with the same diagnosis.

My criteria is that the suggestions have better odds of helping than hurting. In this case we see 2 takes appear to have worked, and one avoid did not. That is 2/3 or 66% success rate (which is above 50% — thus my criteria is satisfied, we did better than with random picks).