DNA: 23andMe for CFS and you!

This month, a DNA analysis service did two things that may be important for CFS patients:

  • They increased the number of single nucleotide polymorphisms  (SNP) detected to almost one million. SNP are the name for DNA changes that can be associated with diseases…
  • They drop the cost to $99.00
  • The lab that actually does it is LabCorp which is a standard certified medical lab.

The firm is 23AndMe.com A few years ago, they offered only 100,000 SNPs for $999. This is an effective 99% decrease in the price per SNP. These SNP are important if you are into genealogy because they indicate heritage. They are also important for health. The SNP indicate increased (or decreased) risk of certain diseases. For a list of what is covered see this page.

CFS and You

The SNP above is about 10% of your DNA, so it is not all of your DNA. Early in this onset of CFS, my DNA was tested by a MD for methylation issues. If you check PubMed, you will find about ten articles with interesting results.

The SNP will not dictate if you have a condition, just if you are more likely or less likely, for example for Sjögren’s Syndrome or Crohn’s Disease (if you have IBS, this may be important).

When I get my results back, I will track down the SNP cited (and there will likely be new articles soon — there are more and more research in this area), and post a summary of how to use the 23andMe results with CFS and FM markers…