Fibromyalgia and Probiotics

Today I had lunch with a friend with Fibromyalgia(FM) brought on by antibiotics for pneumonia, or the pneumonia itself. It is really impossible to know which is the cause. He was interested in the probiotics approach, and I promise to summarize what we know (from PubMed) on fibromyalgia and probiotics.

What I found on was:

So the bottom line is that this approach has not been investigated for FM – except for a study against RA patients (but not against healthy controls). Doing general google searches found nothing that did not appear to be opinion based on belief.

With this sparse information, we end up looking back at irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which has had probiotic studies. On PubMed there are 340+ studies where they are cited together.  This leads us to Prescript-Assist and Align as two probiotics that have been shown in studies to be successful. It should be noted that neither contains any Lactobacillus species.