Comments on a reader’s experience

Today I got an email from a reader sharing some of their experience, the email suggests that a post in response was fine — so I’m sharing my thoughts.

I suffer from CFS.  I caught a viral cold on August 8th of this year.  As has been the case since I contracted CFS, my cold lasted for 2 months.

A vitamin A pulse (150,000 IU of Vitamin A for 3 days) will often stop a viral infection quickly, something to try next time.  Other antivirals are Monolaurin and Olive Leaf.

Just as I was getting over the cold, on Oct 4 I suddenly developed new symptoms.  It started with eye burning, then tracheal irritation, then increased fatigue, then a cough, then a feverish feeling (despite not having an actual fever…this happens all the time since I have CFS…I feel feverish but a thermometer shows normal body temp) and chills.

A recent study found that using machine learning, a 90% success rate on illness could be determined by just examining the microbiome (and no, I don’t have the link 🙁 ). This has caused me to believe that at the start of the infection, the infection tricks the microbiome to start producing the chemicals that it needs. These custom orders (and shift in chemicals) causes different bacteria to grow more abundant — resulting in many of the symptoms of the infection. Once shifted, the microbiome attempts to return to it’s prior state.

My health was deteriorating quickly, so I finally called my MD …He did not have any idea what was causing my symptoms.  He decided to prescribe Clindamycin orally.  This is where it gets interesting.

Especially since Clindamycin is rarely prescribed for CFS…

I tool my first dose of Clindamycin at 1h30AM Friday night.  When I woke up on Saturday morning, I noticed a HUGE improvement.  I thought that was weird from a single dose.  Unfortunately, the improvement was short-lived and symptoms returned on saturday afternoon.  It took about a week for my symptoms to start improving, although they have not completely disappeared…even to this day.

If the dominate species that was causing the symptom was very sensitive to this antibiotic, that would explain it. Say 90% was killed off and 10% was resistant, then that 10% would regrow.  Typically I use biofilm breakers with antibiotics to make them more effective, EDTA or NAC for example.

However, despite my symptoms, I had a couple brief periods of amazing energy while on the Clindamycin to the point where I started dancing to latin music that was playing on TV.  I have not been able to do that in years.  The last time that I was able to do that was when I was prescribed Nystatin.

Awesome! Getting these short remission period suggests that you are close to starting that remission slope. The usual problem is breaking discipline and sliding off the path. Because you are feeling better, you stop taking stuff and the resistors (bacteria that actually SLEEP thru the first round of being killed off) start making a slow come back.

Also, while on Clindamycin, my constant shortness of breath was better and I was able to speak with a clear voice.
 Other than that I still feel unwell and mildly feverish to this day, despite having been on 25 days of Clindamycin.

Suggest to your MD to try a rotation to Minocycline followed by a course of zithomax.

Given some of the unexpected side benefits that I experienced while on clindamycin, I was wondering if your research points to a GI microbiome alteration by clindamycin as the reason for the improvement.  I find it odd that I would get a sudden dramatic improvement after the first dose.  My thinking is that a single dose barely has time to affect various parts of the body, however it would affect the GI bacteria immediately.

We are on the same page. You have cast one demon out of your house with clindmycin — you need to get good renters in ASAP — L. Reuteri, Prescript Assist would be good folks to invite in (before other demons decide to move in). See this 2012 article on the problem

Also this dramatic burst of energy (although short-lived) and decrease in air-hunger was a bit perplexing.  I am trying to find a rational explanation for these and was wondering if you have any info that points to the GI tract to explain these effects.

Nothing that is absolutely clear (unfortunately).