Model Review: Childhood (and earlier) Stress contribution to susceptibility to CFS

For many years that has been a group of psychologists claiming that childhood abuse was the cause of CFS — and by implication that it was psychological and psychological therapy is what the cure is. This has not been well received by the CFS community. A recent article in New Scientist actually suggests that they be right as to it being a contributor — but at the same time points to their implied therapy as being very wrong.  In other words, their studies showing an association with abuse or other stress factors are likely correct. It is the inferences that these psychologists did from the association that is wrong.

New Scientist, Nov 23rd, 2013, p. 18 “How mum’s stress affects her fetus”, found “bacteria of the stressed mice are remarkably different to those of the unstressed mice… the proportion of one bacteria, Lactobacillus, was notably reduced.”  and then went further on the impact of stress, “pups of stressed mothers showed similar bacterial patterns in their gut.” The author was Tracy Bale. Other works has found that stress impacts epigentics (the DNA genes that are turned on and off)

Low Lactobacillus is a characteristics of CFS and likely a catalyst to onset. Psychological theraphy is unlikely to alter epigentic changes or the gut bacteria. Probiotics, especially Lactobacillus Reuteri — the most common Lactobacillus species in healthy mammals — would likely have much better success.

The next time that some one suggests abuse is the cause of CFS — instead of arguing about it — come back with I can’t help but agree more — recent studies found that the stress that my mother had is the likely cause of my CFS — by modification of epigenetics and gut bacteria that are passed down to me causing CFS …. can you please explain how psycho-therapy would correct the epigentics and gut bacteria alteration?  It sound like you are talking about airy-fairy medical treatment …

P.S. I am trying to arrange a small shipment of a Lactobacillus Reuteri only Probiotic from a supplier in Europe. The cost of this appears significantly lower than what is available in the US as a single species