Dairy free probiotics

A reader asked: 
“I was wondering about these products suggested in your latest blog having dairy proteins in them and if there are non-dairy alternatives. I am celiac and allergic (by Elisa testing) to all dairy products (although I don’t feel the symptoms from it). “

So I grab my collection and read the labels:

  • EvoraPlus: Lactitol is listed on the ingrediants but this is not a dairy product. Good.
  • Mutafor: Good
  • Prescript Assist: Good
  • Align (and other pure Bifidobacterium): Good (or should be good)
  • Lactobacillus Probiotics are the highest risk because many are cultured in milk, checking the two that I favor:
    • L. Reuteri via BioGaia products appear to be fine (ingredients) – made in Sweden
    • Fem-Dophilus also appears good (ingredients) – made in Denmark

So, it looks like my recommended probiotics should all be safe for you.