Methylation Testing via 23andMe

One of the problems many CFSer have is getting testing — especially for things at the DNA level. A lab will often charge medical insurance $1000 for such tests. The current cost of getting a human genome DNA is just $25 – talk about inefficiencies!

A recent comment asked about whether I had a methylation issue. The answer is yes, I was told that I had one according to my MD, and prescribed methylated B12. It had no apparent effect.

While researching my response, I found a site that would take my DNA results from 23andMe and do an analysis (and deeper analysis that the MD got!!).

The site is – they do the analysis for free (and request a token donation — if you can afford it, do so). My actual results are below. As you can see, my MD’s test likely picked the single red one below and hence concluded that I have a significant issue. Given the numbers of genes involved, many people may have one of these 26 genes being significant — it does not mean there is a problem.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 11.28.47 AM

Bottom line: is a sweet testing — while they are no longer able to provide health analysis by the FDA (likely caused by patients walking into MDs office with results that 95% of MDs do not know what to do with!), alternative sites are springing up that will do it for you and give better results than your MD’s Labs… unfortunately…