DNA Snp Panels — they are constantly getting bigger

At the start of this series, I posted the Methylation panel from one site which I repeat below. I also added livewello.com panel. You will notice that livewello is much bigger. If you check it again in 6 months — it may be even longer. Discoveries are always being made so the list will be longer and longer.

So, counting the number is likely the wrong way — instead go by percentage – the results will often stay the same. What you do get is more RED issues that will help to better tune you supplements.

  • Red: 1/26 (4%) on one and  6/90 (5%) – if > 10% of concern
  • Green: 17/26 (65%) on one and  46/90 (62%) – if < 45% of concern

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 11.28.47 AM