Using Panels Created By Others: FIBROMYALGIA DNA

User contributed panels are available, for example,

which may be added by clicking for TPH2 GENE FIBROMYALGIA

  • These should always be done with a little caution because errors can happen in preparing them.

My report is below, and as expected having CFS — being likely to have FM is very common.

  • Red: 9/49 — 18% ( > 10%)– Is a concern
  • Green” 14/49 — 28% (< 45%) — Is a concern

The links to other panels and their results is at the bottom



Looking at the associated notes, I see “This gene encodes a member of the pterin-dependent aromatic acid hydroxylase family. The encoded protein catalyzes the first and rate limiting step in the biosynthesis of serotonin, an important hormone and neurotransmitter. The human genome contains two related tryptophan hydroxylases, one on chromosome 11p15-p14 and one on chromosome 12q21. This gene is expressed predominantly in the brain stem. Mutations in this gene may be associated with psychiatric diseases such as bipolar affective disorder and major depression.”

Some more FM Panels are:

So, I appear to have only one serious FM panel, two light ones and three that are excellent — which agrees with FM issues being very minor.