Stress impact: case study

Over the last month, there have been significant stress in my life from health concerns for someone close to me. The stress has resolved and my stress response is dropping. Since I had a Thryve report before the stress and another one during the stress, I thought that it would be nice to see if my changes matched any of the changes reported in the literature. The literature tend to be from long term stress, hence the results of cascading changes. Nevertheless, I thought it would be interesting to see what changed against what was reported in the study.

The process is simple, go to the Samples page and click the compare (you will be comparing against yourself).

The next page is just selecting the sample and any reference literature you want to compare against. In this case, stress

This takes you to the comparison page. I am only interested in items with Direction where my before values as between 25-75%ile and the value shifted to match the literature. There were three genus as shown below

I then went and checked these 4 genus to create a hand-pick sample to get suggestions for.

The suggestions actually included many things that I had started taking due to a gut feeling (bad pun).

Digging deeper, bacillus probiotics was in general positive.
The decrease list had a few surprises.

Bottom Line

Stress is something that can rarely be avoided. If you have an unstressed reference sample then when stress happens, you may be able to identify critical shifts and counteract the stress impact on the microbiome..

Of course, this is all theoretical.