GcMAF – Bravo Probiotic – an Update

Recently I have seen a number of comments from a person whose email begins with “homeBiz..” on my Sept,2013 post on Bravo Probiotic, implying that this was a promoter of Bravo Probiotics. I am sure that dealers get a very good margin on sales given that the species in this probiotic are common ones in most probiotics.

See 2017’s Update #2 also. In 2017, the discoverer has invented a new magic, Rerum, and in videos has trashed this product, see this post.

I thought that I should revisit what is on PubMed. There have been 10 articles on GcMAF since my last review. None dealing with CFS.

  • “commercially available formula of GcMAF… may significantly contribute to neutralizing the neurotoxicity “[2015]
  • “Oleic Acid with GcMAF.. with significant effects on immune system stimulation [2014] – Oleic Acid is very high in Olive Oil.
  • “The use of the Gc protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF), an endogenous glycosylated vitamin D binding protein responsible for macrophage cell activation has demonstrated positive effects in the treatment of autistic children.”[2014]
  • “The administration of GC protein-derived macrophage-activating factor (GcMAF) to cancer patients with elevated levels of nagalase has been associated with a decrease of serum nagalase activity and with significant clinical benefits.”[2013]

What I found very interesting in the studies is that there was no controlling for Vitamin D levels in patients.  GcMAF may increase vitamin D levels AND we know that cancers, FM and CFS are more likely to occur with low Vitamin D levels. In the case of  FM and CFS, symptoms are less severe with higher levels of Vitamin D.

Bottle line, unless you are already at the very top of Vitamin D levels, supplementing with Vitamin D3 is likely the best.  I am in the early 60’s and find that I need 20,000 IU/day of Vitamin D3 to maintain my levels. The ability to absorb decreases with age and likely also decreases with the shift of gut bacteria seen with CFS/FM.

In terms of news on the sale of GcMAF

  • 3 July, 2014. Immuno Biotech was shut down. They sell Bravo Probiotic , BBC
  • One of the published GcMAF paper has been retracted and three others are being strongly challenged (i.e. the results reported were not accurate)
  • US safety studies on the use of GcMAF has not yet started.
  • One Israeli company is attempting to scientifically test the impact, their post appears to be a (reasonable) objective view.

This organization, as well as others, point out that the articles written by Yamamoto have been removed from the websites of the journals in which they appeared, owing to a range of ethical problems, including the listing of names of writers unrelated to the subject, and the presentation of “research bodies” established solely for that purpose, or which never existed.” This has echos of the methods observed by some with the Marshall Protocol.

Bottom Line

GcMAF reduces Nagalase which is a factor for Cancers.

In other words, there is “no scientific, medical, or alternative medical evidence” supporting the use of Bravo Probiotics for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS is very sensitive to placebo effects — believe in a placebo will change the degree of stress in a person and thus the gut bacteria as a result of changing levels of stress chemicals.

Get your Vitamin D3 up and wait for objective studies to be published. The financial cost of this hyped-product is far too high for most CFSers.

News Story BBC: Unlicensed blood drug GcMAF still for sale