Supplement Conflicts: Tumeric and Mutaflor

A reader just shared with me a recent experience. They had restarted Mutaflor, a strong probiotic, taking it right after breakfast, with little difference noticed. One morning she had forgot to put turmeric on her breakfast eggs and 1 hour later she felt the significant impact of the probiotic –  Mutaflor (E.Coli Nissle 1917).

Checking pubmed, reveal that this was in agreement of the literature:

  • “Water extracted samples of turmeric stored at room temperature inhibited the growth of Escherichia coli” [2015
  • Compared to standard antibiotics, C. longa[Turmeric], Z. officinale and T. cordifolia were more effective in killing these microbes as evident from MIC and MBC values (5 to 125 μg/mL).” [2014]
  • Curcuma longa (turmeric) was shown to inhibit the biofilm formation of uropathogens, such as Escherichia coli,” [2014]

This illustrates one of the challenges in constructing a treatment plan. Two items, each of which have major benefits, do not play well with each other.

In the above case, the kick from Mutaflor was far more desired/wanted than turmeric which did not have any apparent “kick” and had been taken for months.  In general, keep probiotics about 12hrs apart from anti-pathogen herbs. If you are noticing significant changes from a probiotic, then you may wish to reduce or eliminate other supplements while the changes are happening.