How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part One

A reader asked:

“Hi Ken. How would you recommend proceeding if I can’t find a doctor willing to prescribe the Jadin Protocol or anything close to it. Do you think healing is possible with only OTC supplements and herbs? If so, where and how should I start. This is a lot of info to dissect and interpret and my brain fog is at all time crippling levels.”

Back story

I know the problem of finding a doctor willing to prescribe antibiotics very well. During my last relapse, I persuaded my MD to prescribe, but she had to run it by her department head so said absolutely no — it is not the recognized standard of care. Fortunately, where I live, naturopaths have prescribing authority so it was a matter of finding one who was willing to prescribe antibiotics for chronic lyme. I came to a working compromise with one — she was willing to prescribe long term antibiotics that would be used for chronic lyme that fitted Jadin’s protocol. On the flip side, I was willing to do various batteries of tests for chronic lyme – one of them was a “positive” (but it would also be positive for re-activated Epstein-Barr – very common with CFS) which covered her backside for prescribing antibiotics. This odd ball situation is likely rare in most of the world, I was lucky.

The greatest improvement in a short period was actually not from the antibiotics but from herbs I identified by which bacteria they inhibited and which ones they did not:

  • Tulsi
  • Neem

Answer to the question

In my opinion, it is possible with OTC (actually, OTI – over the internet, often the items will not be found in local stores but will be found online).

The basic medical chest consists of:

  • Antibacterial and antivirals
  • Potenators (allows better penetration of the above into tissue) which also tend to be fibrinolytics (breaks down coagulation products)
  • Anti-biofilms (biofilms protect bacteria by encasing bacteria with a film and dead cells, making them hard to kill)
  • Probiotics

I will enumerate the elements of each in my next post. For the moment, I will actually give what I am doing as a prophyltic (protection) against relapse. I am in remission, not cure. My bacteria could get out of control again so I need to insure that I occasionally do a prevention cycle:

At bed time for 2 weeks:

Side effects noticed: became a light sleeper, waking for a short while every 2 hrs. A lot more dreams than usual.

In the morning for 4 weeks (the “OO” mean that I made my own capsule from bulk spice/herb – typically $20 / 500 gm and often organic!!)

At 2 weeks, I change my evening pills for 2 weeks

  • 2 “OO” capsules of Olive Leaf
  • 2 “OO” capsules of Cumin
  • 2 “OO” capsules of Aswanghanda
  • 2 “OO” capsules of “Tulsi”
  • and also have some Japanese desert, Natto — which is where nattokinease comes from!
    • warning: Natto is an acquired taste…

Side effects: Sleep hard (sleep in), some night sweats

At 4 weeks, I will usually ebb off (so resistant bacteria are not encourage too take over)

On another cycle, I would switch in turmeric, wormwood, serrapetase, bromelain, EDTA, NAC etc.

When the issue comes to remission, then it is a slow ramp up on them, one at a time until you are likely around 8 “00” capsules and any herxing stopped before going on to the next. More on that tomorrow…