How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Two

Diet Shift

The food you eat impacts the gut bacteria. The question naturally arises – what should you eat?  This actually depends on your ancestry – particularly your female ancestry.  Why? Our gut bacteria evolved with us and thus by the food that we eat. Why female line? The female lines is the probable source of the gut bacteria that you were populated with.

For myself, it is northern Europe, above the “wheat line”. The wheat line is the line where traditional (not modern hybrid winter wheats) would not reliably grow north of. This means that rye and barley are a historic stable; rice and wheat are not. Wheat was imported as a luxury grain.

“In the Nordic countries, bread was the main part of a meal until the late 18th century. Four different bread regions can be found in the Nordic area in the late 19th century. In the south, soft rye bread dominated. Further north came crisp bread, usually baked with rye, then thin and crispy barley bread. In the far north, soft barley loaves dominated.” Wikipedia

Identifying what cuisine that your gut bacteria has lived upon for hundreds or thousands of years can be a challenge because there tend to be romanticization and casting of modern diets unto the past. Some visual examples:

For meat consumption,

  • 1909 was 10+40+48 = 98 lbs/year
  • 2007 , the US was up to 271 lbs/day [source]

For myself, it’s 100% rye bread for breakfast with butter, lots of legumes and salad, one or two eggs and 2-4 oz of meat only. Needless to say, no sugar — however a beer is fine!

Bottom Line: Try to feed your gut bacteria what it has grown to expect through generations! There is likely no magic diet for CFS.