A reader commented that they are using high dosages of Dicyclomine, a prescription drug for IBS. Being unfamiliar with this, I thought that I should inform myself and my readers.

“Recent evidence on the use of dicyclomine for GI tract conditions involving smooth muscle spasm is lacking. A limited amount of evidence published before 2005, identified in selected guidelines, has shown that dicyclomine is superior to placebo in improving IBS global assessment, and leads to more adverse events. Guidelines based on this evidence have recommended dicyclomine as a pharmacological treatment of IBS, as well as other antispasmodics such as mebeverine and alverine citrate. The recommendation was considered by the authors to be “definitive” based on low-quality evidence with uncertain trade-offs between benefits and harms.” 03 December 2015 Health Canada on National Institute of Health site, a review of all publications were done by them.


.. and the Microbiome

There is very little, but it appears effective against the species that I keep finding in research that appears to be significant for CFS, Staphylococcus aureus . See my prior post.

Bottom Line

I feel uncomfortable about this because of the literature review above. I am wondering if it’s positive effect is due to the antibiotic dimension, if so, rotate-rotate-rotate with other antibiotics is recommended.

These are questions to be raised and discussed with your MD.