Best two probiotics to start probiotic approach

Most CFSers have challenges with money as well as being hyper-sensitive to many things. When we come to probiotics — there is always the risk of a herx.

There are two items that are likely best — in terms of impact, low herx risk and the cost.

Both allow a very slow ram up. An easy ramp up because you can easily start at 1/15 th of the normal dosage without having to cut pills or break apart capsules.

  • A normal dosage of Symbioflor-2 is 15 drop.
  • For Miyarisan it is 15 small tablets.

So you can start at just one of each. They are also relative to others cheap,

  • Miyarisan:  $17.16  £20.10
  • Symbioflor-2 EUR 19.46 (delivers to US) for 2 x 50ml bottles each bottle has 50 dosages of 15 drops)