Sudden Pain Appearing

A reader wrote me yesterday because while she has gone from 0-1 to 7-8 on a 10 point scale applying my model. She suddenly had severe pain appearing a couple of days ago.

The pain started in the shoulder blades and then spread to the arms and the legs. The pain was quite severe. She has started taking pain killers, and ask me for alternative suggestions.

Most common source of pain in CFS/FM/IBS

It has been found in many study of FM that low oxygen delivery to the tissues is the apparent cause of pain. A blood oxygen meter may show normal levels – so it is not low oxygen in the blood. It is delivery of oxygen.

My suggestion was Neem, Tulsi and an aspirin (instead of other pain killers). Aspirin is a blood thinner and anti-inflammatory. Neem and Tulsi are anti-inflammatory and also know to reduce pain. I suspected toxins from dying bacteria was triggering the pain by causing inflammation or vascular constriction.

It worked. Her pain level went down greatly.

So the model of the pain coming from low oxygen to the tissue seem to be correct in her case.

  • Causes can be:
    • inflammation
    • thicker blood
    • constricted blood vessels –
      • Vasodilators: Flushing Niacin, Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Danshen, etc. Warm baths, infrared saunas

Supplements that help those would be the right direction to investigate.

Care need to be taken if you are taking antibiotics because some very helpful supplements for the pain will result in antibiotics being more effective (up to 10x higher concentration in tissues according to some pubmed studies). This may result in MORE toxins being released and greater pain

  • Bromelain
  • Serrapetase
  • Lumbrokinease
  • Nattokinease